8 Holiday Marketing Benefits

With the busiest time of year right around the corner (literally), there is no doubt that businesses are stressing about the latest and greatest ways to bring in new customers before the end of the year. For social media marketers the newest question has been what to alter for the holiday season. Tips and tricks […]

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Holiday Marketing & Social Media

Before interning for ME Marketing Services, I knew social media was a huge part of today’s business world but I didn’t realize just how important it really is. Reading the articles that I have posted on all different aspects of social media has been very interesting to me and I learn something new every single […]

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Twitter for Holiday Marketing and What Little Birdies Are Telling Us

Has a “little birdie” told you about the fast-approaching holiday marketing season yet? Several little birdies – via Twitter – are telling me about it. Many small business owners and marketers include Twitter in their marketing arsenals for lead generation, client conversations and sales throughout the year. The holiday season possibly provides organizations with even […]

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Connecting 101: How College Students Connect Online

Social networking sites are known for allowing individuals to present themselves to the cyber world in order to establish or maintain connections with others. Participants may use such sites to interact with people they already know offline or to meet new people. Social networking sites can be oriented towards a number of contexts. In particular, […]

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Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the smartest networking tools today. In a nutshell, it can be described as the “professional” Facebook with the main focus of job seeking, recruiting, and making business connections. Although LinkedIn has significantly fewer users than Facebook, it is changing the way business people network themselves and how job seekers find opportunities. […]

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Connecting for Success

For my generation, social media has become increasingly important throughout our everyday lives. With its rise to popularity in the early 2000’s, through the development of MySpace and Facebook, social media has created a whole new way to connect with friends, distant relatives, and even strengthen global relationships.  As more and more platforms were developed, […]

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