Best Practices for College Students Using Social Media

Best Practices for College Students Using Social Media

Best Practices for College Students Using Social MediaA few months ago I wrote a blog about how college students should keep their social media accounts in order to make connections after college; but what about while we are in college? What can the best social media practices do for a college students?

Social media practices come in all shapes and forms, from blogs to newsletters to a simple tweet or post, and these can be very useful when the community of a college student is rapidly growing and changing. Learning about the best ways to use these social media platforms can be very beneficial to a college student.

For many college students social media is a way of life and always has been but what can these practices really teach to someone who already thinks they’re the best. This month we have been posting all about the best practices on social media and by applying these practices college students can truly gain something from the world of social media marketing.


Growing up in a technology generation it is easy for us to forget that we are not experts on social media. There is always something more that we can learn from this new innovation to communication and we should continue to be open about the changes and advantages it can bring. Participating in these practices that have been talked about for the month of January can help us find out the best ways for us to market ourselves as successful, creative, smart college students.

Keeping Updated

Using social media to get the latest updates on and around campus can help us stay in tune with the news and those constant changes. Using social media to remain in touch with what is going on around us can help us to really try to understand the changes and communicate with other about these changes.


Social media can connect us to those familiar and even those unfamiliar with us. Creating pages and making accounts with these best practices, that are easy for others to access and find they have things in common with, will help college students create bigger connections that will help them in class and even after college.


Because communication separated by a medium has become the norm, it is important for those of us still in college to learn netiquette. Netiquette is the etiquette used in technology that governs what practices are socially acceptable online or digital situation. By obtaining this skill one can professionally communicate with teachers and potential employers.

Job Opportunities

Once these practices have been accurately implemented on our social media accounts, connections can be made to further our careers upon graduating. Remaining a social generation while also practicing the best skills on social media, will allow college students to become more attractive to future job seekers.

By applying the best practices to our social media sites, a college student can learn many things that will help them in the life after college. These can help us learn how the new ways of communicating will continue to change forever.

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