Back to the Basics: Building Your Brand on Social Media 101

Just starting a business and want to promote it on social media?
Own a business and want to engage more consumers through online content?
Interested in how businesses use social media to build their brand?

We are about to help with all of the above with this “back to the basics” post about social media marketing 101. 

First of all, social media is all about the give and the take. If you are just starting out on social media with your company, then the give is much more than your take. You must post, and post frequently. This will increase your content and expose your business, thus increasing viewership and shareability.

But even simpler, the first step is simply just to begin your accounts and get your name out there. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, all of the above, or even more, simply creating an account is the first, and oftentimes, the most difficult step. Once your accounts are created, the options are basically endless.

As I briefly touched on above, content drives social – and people share good content. Simply posting and using hashtags or other interactive guides will build viewership and promote your brand. Be patient, however. Just because you have started posting two to three times per day does not mean your followers will increase two times your current number. Exposure takes time, but we ensure it’s worth the wait!

Social media is all about connecting and relationship building, so use it to your advantage! When you begin your accounts, it may suggest people for you to follow from your email contacts or phone contacts. Some of these people you may have not been in contact with for years, but you know what? Follow them! The more your name is out there, and the more you are connecting on social media, the more often people will see and recognize your name online and be more apt to read about your growing brand. Just remember it’s a two-way street – be prepared to engage with them and build the relationship between them and your brand.

Finally, you must have a target audience that you are trying to attract. Not all posts will engage the entire public, so you must know who you are building your brand for before attempting to construct it from the ground up. It may seem like a no brainer, but oftentimes we are so happy with pleasing everyone that we forget that, unfortunately, it’s sometimes impossible to do so on social media.

What are some tips and tricks you may have used in your personal brand-building that have worked for you? Share with us below!

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