ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Marketing

*ChatGPT – write me a blog post about how you are revolutionizing marketing.* Typing…   ChatGPT: Revolutionizing Marketing through AI Language Generation   Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in multiple industries, and the marketing industry is no exception. With the advent of advanced AI technologies, marketers now have access to more sophisticated tools […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Festive

From mid-November to New Year’s Day can be an absolute blur. With parties, contests, decorations, shopping, baking and getting together with family and friends, it is easy to forsake your business. Yes, the fourth quarter can really make a business’ year financially, but here is one thing you should not skimp on right now: marketing.   1. […]

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marketing blunders

Holiday Marketing Blunders

A marketer’s job is never done. Especially during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is easy to make simple mistakes when it comes to marketing. Though it is good to get into the spirit of the season and have fun, you must not forget a business is at stake. Simple marketing blunders made […]

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