Ask Mandy Q&A: Using Facebook in Your Holiday Marketing

Ask Mandy Q&A: Using Facebook in Your Holiday Marketing

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With over a billion users on Facebook, there should be no question as to whether or not you should use Facebook to market your company this holiday season. Social media has become one of the primary ways people get their news and information. By allowing customers to maintain a voice in the marketing world through social media, users have established that there is a way to meet your customer needs.

Facebook users can have a very large impact, not only on the company but on future customers as well. Users can influence product discovery, product consideration, and even product purchase. This may be a scary concept for some companies, but if you’re willing to take the leap in creating a holiday campaign on Facebook then big results should come out of it.

Big or small, your company has the potential to make a name for itself if you choose the right campaign strategy. During the holidays, customers are looking for good deals and advice on products that they plan to buy. Your company can provide this to customers very easily, and allow them to seek out your company for their holiday needs.

You can use Facebook for this in many different ways:

Hold a contest. 

Social media contests are great way to get customers interacting with your company as well as showing them the important message you want them to see. It’s an exciting game to play in order to attract, engage and convert new customers. An example would be a like and comment content on Facebook.

Offer exclusive deals. 

Everyone knows that one of the most exciting things about the holidays is that EVERYTHING is on sale. Customers will be constantly searching for these deals throughout the season. Don’t let your page get over looked by not participating in the fun; offer exclusive deals for the holiday season that they can’t pass up. You can even offer deals that are for your online customers only.

Getting people to talk. 

The best way to find out what people want this season is by getting them to talk and what better way to do it than right on your own page. Crowdsource, getting customers to talk about what they are buying and even have them give a review of your company. You can do this by asking questions or blocking off time in the day for a chat session.

Spread the holiday cheer.

One of the best ways to get your company out there is teaming up with other companies. Hold joint contests. Do charity work together. By doing this, you will have your business/brand seen to a whole new audience.

Make a personal connection. 

The biggest reason as to why customers shop with small businesses is because of the relatioship. People buy from people. By creating this connection you will gain the trust of your customers and they will continue to be loyal for years to come, as well as spread the word to others.

Facebook is a great way for people to express their feelings about a number of different things and catch more attention in the marketplace. This has allowed both larger and smaller businesses to meet their needs and goals. By doing these simple things on your company’s Facebook page this holiday season, you are likely to see a very positive response from your customers.

What types of holiday marketing does your company participate in?


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