How to use SnapChat for Your Business

Ask Mandy Q&A: How to Use Snapchat for Your Business

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Mediated marketing is all about being ahead of the curve, and allowing companies to flourish when their campaign is strategically thought out. This may mean taking on a newer, smaller but very popular platform. With over 150 million photos snapped every day, Snapchat is on the fast track to changing the way teens through college-age kids communicate. This image-capturing application is a must for effectively establishing a marketing tactic to reach that audience that gratifies them by providing a different kind of thrill.

The basic premise of the app is to send a quick image or short video along with a quick caption to friends. The whole message has a very short life and recipients are only able to view the message for a designated time of 1 to 10 seconds before it disappears (or unless someone screenshots it). The creators said they designed this application with the focus on “sharing authentic but fleeting moments in life.”

A question that has been churning in business owners’ heads has been –

How can I use Snapchat for my business?

Snapchat allows businesses to promote themselves on a more personal level with this short-term visual message format. Snapchat may be more useful for targeting the younger generation but when it is done right, it can fit perfectly into your mobile marketing strategy. Here are four ways to create a great social media strategy.

Make it Personal

One of the many ways that makes Snapchat unique is the personal feel it can give customers. Your brand can pick specific individuals to snap and provide them with an exciting link to the business and the people who work there. Taco Bell was one of the first major companies to take this bull by the horns and released the marketing statement saying “its all about treating them [their fans] like personal friends and not customers.”

The Funnier the Better

Professionally designed images are great for Pinterest and Instagram but Snapchat isn’t that type of forum. On this platform you should go beyond what you would normally do for marketing. Snapchat is about using the “fleeting moments” to really show some humor in your office or about your business. This takes a special skill and you might have to call on a expert snapper to make some very original “Snapasterpieces” that will give your customers a good laugh.

Leave Them Wanting More

Offer special promotions that are exclusively for your Snapchat followers. Businesses that take advantage of this new way to provide coupons and other deals are taking advantage of this cost-effective platform to entice consumers. You can even hold contest or challenges to get customers to snap you back for a special “prize.”

Advertise an Upcoming Product

Consider using Snapchat in your upcoming launches or events to see if you can grab attention with it. Create a Snapchat campaign to reveal a new product and you will have customers on the edge of their seats and excited for the arrival. Show a piece of the new product or leave a message vague to intrigue them about whats coming soon. This will be a sure way to start engagement among your customers.

As social media continues to grow, it is crucial for companies to stay up to date with their customers on all platforms. By adding Snapchat to your mobile marketing campaign it will help your business to maintain a consistent and engaging social media presence.

What other ways have you used Snapchat for you social media marketing campaign?

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