Why Should I Use Promoted Tweets

Ask Mandy Q&A: Why Should I Use Promoted Tweets?

I love Twitter, though the fast-paced short conversations are not for everyone. Whether you’re jazzed about marketing in 140 characters or not, if your market includes active Twitter users, you might want to check out Twitter’s promoted tweets.

This week’s Q&A question is,

What are and why should I use Promoted Tweets?

Promoted tweets are simply tweets that have been purchased by businesses who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark extra engagement from existing followers. Promoted tweets are labeled as “promoted” when they are activated. Even with the label, the promoted tweet acts just like a regular tweet and can be retweeted, replied to, favorited and more.

I love the possibilities available with promoted tweets. Here are six reasons you should use them –

1. You have four different routes to choose from:

  • Promote Tweet using keywords – Reach people based on keywords they interact with.
  • Promote Tweet based on interests and followers – Reach people with specific interests or who follow a certain person or brand.
  • Promote Tweet based on Television programming – Reach people who engage with specific TV shows.
  • Promote Tweet based on tailored audience – Reach people based on your own data

2. Promote a Tweet to show up in the feeds of people watching a certain TV show.

This option is only available in the US and the UK right now. There are plans to add other countries. If your target audience loves Dr. Sheldon Cooper and watches Big Bang Theory, you can select “Big Bang Theory” and your tweet would only show up for those who tweet about or interact with the show. This option has SO much potential.

3. Your promoted tweet is always near the top of the person’s Twitter Feed.

According to Twitter, “Any promoted tweet people see in their timeline will appear just once, at or near the top of their timeline. Then, the Promoted Tweet will scroll through the timeline like any other tweet.”

4. You can promote a tweet to your email list.

With the “Tailored Audience” option, you can upload your email list and the promoted tweet will show up for those on your list.

5. You can put a promoted tweet in front of those users who follow your competitor(s).

With the “Interests & Followers” option, you can target Twitter users who follow your competitor(s). This is a great option if you are just starting out or know people have been unhappy with that business and you want to let them you are in business.

6. There are TONS of targeting options.

Not only can you go with one of the four routes above, you can also target your tweet to:

  • Show up in the user’s Twitter feed and/or in search results
  • Show up only on iOS devices or Android
  • Desktop and/or mobile users
  • Blackberrys (yes, that is an option!)
  • Geographic location

As with any other social advertising, you get a full analytics report showing how many people saw, clicked, retweeted, etc., so you know how the promoted tweet performed.

Have you tried promoted Tweets ? If so, how did it go?

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