5 Easy Ways to Get People to Your Blog

Ask Mandy Q&A: 5 Easy Ways to Get People to Your Blog

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I’ll share a little confession with you guys – I’m addicted to blogging right now. I have at least 20 posts in the works in my Google Drive. It’s been a focus of mine lately to provide more quality posts each week, so this week’s question is quite fitting…

How can I get more people to my blog?

You’ve just written an amazing article and now you want the world to read it, however when you click publish, all you hear are crickets.

Just because you post an article doesn’t mean people are going to automatically swarm your site – it’s not like it’s Field of Dreams, “build it and he will come.” I like to rephrase that – “build it and let them know and they will come.” Once you publish your article, you have to let people know it’s there. To answer the question, here are 5 easy ways (in no particular order) to get more people to your blog –

1. Provide quality content.

Give your readers something of value that they can take and use. Fluff won’t cut it – get to the meaty part and make it good. When they see you are publishing great content, they will come back time and again and you’ll start seeing them share your content across the web for you.

2.  Put social sharing options on every blog post.

WordPress makes this easy. You can install plug-ins such as Shareaholic or Flare to allow your readers to share your content. Articles that include social sharing options see their content shared much more than those who don’t.

3. Repurpose older content.

Pull out some of earlier posts that new members of your community may not have read. There’s a great WordPress plug-in called Revive Old Post (formerly Tweet Old Post). This plug-in is the reason Twitter is my #1 traffic referrer to my website.

4. Post consistently.

If you post once then don’t come back to it again, what’s the point? To get people to your blog you have to post consistently. This can mean once a week, twice a week, twice each month – it doesn’t matter the frequency as long as you do it consistently.

5. Share it yourself!

If you do not let people know you’ve published something, they won’t know it’s there. Tell your community you’ve published a new article – it’s okay to post it on your own social media sites! If you don’t tell them, who will?

These steps are easy enough for any beginner to do to get people to their blog. What other tips would you add?

5 easy ways to get traffic to your blog

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