How to Appeal to Smartphone Customers

How to Appeal to Smartphone Customers

So, you’ve started your business and have all your accounts up and running on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, but now what?

The average American nowadays owns or has access to the internet on the go, whether it be on a smartphone or other tablet device. Certain sites make it incredibly easy to convert your website’s information over to the mobile view, but oftentimes it can be tricky.

Here are some tips and tricks as to why it’s important to have your information accessible in the mobile version as well! 

Track Your Analytics

To begin, social media marketing is all about numbers. It’s never been easier to track numbers than on mobile devices with analytic data services. You can access analytic services incredibly easily with programs such as Google Analytics.

Use Visuals

Social media is incredibly visual, as your consumers will simply be scrolling through their accounts. You want them to take a second to read over your posts, so use pictures to your advantage! You can stand out to consumers by using quick editing applications to touch-up your best pics!

Be Brief & Concise

Because social media is so fast-paced, it’s crucial to make sure you aren’t using as many words as you may put on a normal website. For the mobile versions, limit word count to consumers can easy browse over your content and still grasp the main picture. Twitter is great because it limits you to 140 characters, so keep that in mind as you are formatting all your other sites as well.

Monitor Feedback & Reviews

As a business, you’re always going to have ups and downs, so it’s important to monitor your feedback from consumers. Find out what they like and what they feel that you need to improve upon by looking at and replying to all comments and messages on your sites. 

Stay Organized

To keep everything organized, it may get quite complicated, especially since social media platforms are all unique. Thus, keep a notes section or use an application, such as WorkFlowy, to keep your posts and thoughts separate and organized before you post! 

Stick with WordPress

Finally, use sites such as WordPress for your blogs. They can easily format straight to the mobile site versions, and they help you keep track of your posts, stats, drafts, etc!


Keep these tips in mind when moving from desktop to mobile marketing, and let us know your thoughts and success stories!

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