A Tour of Kred

This is the third post in the Social Influence Series.  If you’ve missed a past post, a listing of the previous posts are listed at the end of this post.

Kred is another player in the game of social influence.  Last week I took you on a tour of Klout, this week we will be walking around Kred.  Not sure what either of those are?  Read my article introducing the two.

This is the second post on the topic of social influence.  Over the next several weeks we will be taking a look at the players in the game of social influence and then talk about how to measure social influence and does it really matter?

Now, let’s look at Kred.


In this video, we will talk through the site look at its features and talking about a few of the differences between this and Klout.

Do you have a preference on which one you use?  Or do you use them both?

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