A Tour of Klout

This is the second post in the Social Influence Series.  If you’ve missed the first post, it is listed at the bottom of this post.

Lately I have gotten a lot of questions about Klout, Kred and social influence.  These are hot topics in social media right now.  People are asking how effective these measurements are and if they are even worth putting any stock into.

Over the next several weeks, I will be blogging once a week on social influence.  How Klout works.  How Kred works.  How to measure how influential someone is.  Does it even matter?

If you’re not sure what Klout or Kred is, please read my introduction to the two.

Today I am starting off with a video, it’s about 10 minutes long, taking you on a tour of the Klout website and around it’s new design.


In the video, I will show you:

    • Klout Moments
    • Klout Topics
    • Klout Settings
    • Klout-Connected Networks
    • Klout Scores
    • Klout Perks

I invite you to tell me, what do you struggle with in regards to Klout?

Next Monday we’ll be taking a tour of Kred.  Stay tuned!

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An Introduction to Klout & Kred

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