8 Reasons You’re Not Connecting on LinkedIn

Today brings the third installment of my “8 Reasons” posts.  So far we’ve talked Twitter and Facebook, and today we cover LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the platform that most professionals are on. Recruiters search for job candidates and people network with each other through groups and connection requests. On average, I receive about a dozen LinkedIn connection requests each week. I only accept about half of them. Why you may ask? Let me share with you 8 reasons LinkedIn connection requests are not being accepted (or in the case of #8, disconnected).

1.  You do not have a profile picture.

This is not anything new.  Like each social media profile, you have to have a professional-looking profile picture.  Leaving this blank is just not acceptable. 

2.  You have a profile picture, but it’s unprofessional.

LinkedIn is one of the, if not most, professional social media sites on the web.  A profile picture of you and your kids is not going to help (even if they are cute).  Likewise, a picture you’ve cropped yourself out of with a drink from a business event won’t help either.  It does not have to be an expensive official headshot, we just want to see you and your professional-looking self.

3.  Your bio is nothing but a sales pitch to sell me something.

I understand the bio section is a place to tell everyone about yourself, however, I’m reading it to get to know YOU, not the fact you have a special going on for $199 that can help me make thousands of dollars. And yes, that was from an actual profile of someone who requested a connection with me. You should use the bio section to inform us about yourself and what you do.  Without the sales pitch.

4.  Your profile is barely filled out.

If your profile is not filled out to even 50%, you are losing out. Everyone should have their profile filled out to 100%.  Why?  It gives people the chance to get to know you and find out what you do and if/how you can help them.  The more information you give, the better the chance of making a valuable connection.

5. You indicate on your request that we are “friends” when in fact I’ve never met you before online or in-person.

This is my #1 pet peeve on LinkedIn.  Please do not say we are friends when we have never interacted online or in-person.  Honestly, it’s kind of creepy.  If you really want to connect with me, write me a personal connection request or go to my website to get my email address (even though you don’t have to have it to connect with me). 

6.  Your profile is set up a business and not yourself.

Yes, another example of a connection request I received this week.  LinkedIn has company pages for businesses.  Profiles are for individuals.  If you can’t play by the rules, I can’t accept. 

7. We have nothing in common.

If I receive a connection request and we have no shared connections or anything we could relate to (interests, schools, groups, etc.) I do not usually connect.  I know some say that may be missing out on business, but if we have nothing in common and they want to connect, they will send a personalized connection request with why they want to connect, not the default message.

8. I accepted your request, but now you do nothing but spam me with promotional messages.

I know we have all had this happen.  You connect with someone and then the next thing you know you are getting spammed at least 2-3 times per week.  Spamming on any platform is unacceptable.  I will quickly unfollow/unlike/unconnect with you if you spam me.

I would suggest one thing to help you make more and better connections – craft a personalized connection request.  Personalized requests receive more acceptances than requests with the default message, at least with me and my business.  When you want to connect, tell them why you want to connect and how you came in contact with them.  You want to give them a reason to click “accept”.

I know there have to be some reasons that weren’t covered.  What are some reasons you won’t connect with someone on LinkedIn?


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