8 Reasons I Won’t Follow You on Twitter

After vetting over 300 new Twitter followers over the past 2 days, I felt inspired to write this week about why I won’t follow someone back on Twitter.

Let me start out by saying, I love Twitter.  It is the platform I’ve gotten the most clients from and I spend a lot of time on it.  That being said, I just do not follow anyone or everyone.  With millions and millions of people on Twitter, there are just some that do not fit my niche or that have no clue what they are doing.

I know you’re thinking, “wait!  I’m not sure I know what I’m doing!”.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  It’s those who buck the system or are just obnoxious.  If that is you, listen up 🙂  Here are 8 reasons I won’t follow you….

1. You do not have a profile picture.  Eggheads do not get followed.  Trust me on this.  I would rather connect with someone who has their picture on their profile.  There are companies who use their logo since it’s a company account, and that is fine.  Just do not leave it blank.

2.  You have #teamfollowback or “I follow back” in your bio.  Sorry, but having those tells me that you are just there for numbers, not to actually engage with people.

3. #You #use #hashtags #way #too #much.  A few hastags in your bio is okay, but hashtags on every word? Adding more than one or two hastags in a tweet just confuses me.  I had someone follow me today that his bio read something like this: #teamfollowback #socialmedia #relationshipbuilding #pr #expert #entertaining.  There is really no need for all of that.

4. All you tweet is your affiliate links, a product you are selling or tweets guaranteeing me thousands of Twitter followers for $10.  Social media is about relationships and engaging, not 24/7 selling.  If I want that I’ll turn on QVC or HSN.

5. You tweet in a foreign language.  There is nothing wrong with tweeting in your native language, however English is the most common language and that is what I speak.  I will let a French tweeter through every so often.  I took French and can read it fairly well, so that’s my personal exception.

6. You’re not a real account.  Want to know how I know you’re not real?  https://memarketingservices.com://fakers.statuspeople.com.

7. You post derogatory or offensive content. Or cuss.  Enough said.  I won’t tolerate that type of stuff.

8. You’re in middle school or high school.  Sorry kids, I only follow adults.  I’m on Twitter for business, not to follow your tweets on which boy band is hot right now.  Besides, I do not agree with kids under 18 being on social media anyway.

Being in business online, especially when you target a certain sector, who you surround yourself with and associate with says something about you.  If a CEO is checking out my Twitter account and sees that I follow people with any of the above, what does that say about me?  We need to carefully guard ourselves online.    All I ask is that you be careful who you associate yourself with – your reputation depends on it.  Especially if you are in business online.

What are some of the reasons you don’t follow someone?  Share with me!

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