8 Best Practices When Using Social Media to Market Your Business

8 Best Practices When Using Social Media to Market Your Business

As 2014 gets underway, you have probably already implemented the newest ways to connect with social media users for marketing. But have you covered all of the bases? Are your strategies the best that they can be?

There are a few simple ways to expertly market your company on all different types of social media platforms. These range from starting new strategies to cleaning up or adding to ones that already exist. Making these simple changes, to make your marketing strategy the best that it can be, will go a long way with your customers. Here are 8 best practices to use…


It takes time and effort to really establish a blog that will work well with your customers and to see results, but blogging can definitely be an excellent marketing tool for your business. If you set time aside every week to write a quality blog then customers are more likely to build a trust in your company.

Companies that blog regularly are likely to generate more leads.

Email Newsletter

Once a blog has been established a business can use those followers to leverage a very valuable email newsletter to produce even more results. A simple sign-up form on your website will make it quick and easy for customer to get updated on regular bases about new things going on in your company. Giving users an incentive to sign-up to your newsletter will allow customers to flock.

Engage in Conversation

There are many businesses that are great at attracting new customers with well written content but fail to convert them into regular customers. Once a question is posed or statement is advertised, the marketer must follow up on the platform when customers try to engage.

Offer Deals for Social Media Followers Only

Everyone loves a good discount! Offering these deals is a great way to market your business while also rewarding loyal customers. Promote your offers on social media websites and blog posts.

Hold a Contest

Holding a competition is a very effective way to market your business through your own customers. Use a good prize to entice customers to share your business with their friends and then reward them with some of your great products.

List Your Business on Popular Platform Directories

Listing your business on a location based service will allow easy search access to your company from those near and far. These directories will also include a description of your business and a link to you website for simple marketing.

Connect with Mobile Users

Targeting customers on smartphones will help promote your post to a wider range audience. By targeting mobile users you are catching the customers while they are out and about and hopefully near your business.

Keep it simple

Less is definitely more when working with social media. Don’t overload your plate with too many platforms, instead use one or two to really focus your attention on expanding your audience. When you have too many pages to worry about keep up with and updating you lose contact with the more important things like engaging with customers.

Following these basic guidelines to making good social media marketing strategies better will make a bigger difference with both your company and your customers. These are just a few things to focus on for social media marketing that will help maintain a good connection with your social media followers. What techniques do you choose to use regularly for making your social media platforms the best that they can be?


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