7 Ways to Avoid Not Being Circled on Google+

circlesGoogle+ is now the second largest active social media network. I liken it to Facebook but without the drama. Users on Google+ see the content they post get indexed faster by Google and they now can have authorship set up through Google so if someone steals their website content, the thief will get dinged since the original author was already credited by Google.

When using Google+, people circle each other. It’s like adding friends, but you are assigning them to a circle, or list. You can have as many circles as you want and only you see them (unless you choose to share it publicly). Like every other platform, you will have people circle (add) you or circle you back. I’ve blogged about following on Twitter, liking on Facebook and connecting on LinkedIn so it’s only fitting I add Google+. Like I mention in these other posts, I have my reasons for why I will or will not add someone to my social network. Let’s take a look at 8 ways to avoid not being circled on Google+.

1.  Have a profile picture.

This is a no-brainer. Just like every other platform – people want to connect with a person (or brand). Not having a profile picture is almost like not having a valid profile.

2. Make sure the profile picture is professional!

Again, this is a no-brainer. Just in the last week I’ve been added to people’s circles that had the following profile pictures: a shot of their cleavage, a man in a white tank top, a kid with a sippy cup and a random picture of flowers. If you’re picture is not professional-looking then you are not going to be taken seriously.

3. Complete your profile.

I feel like this has to be mentioned with every platform.  Your profile needs to be filled out 100%. People may want to circle other alums from their university and if you don’t list that, how will they find you? Maybe you are starting out and taking on freelancing jobs, if you don’t mention that in your profile, how will they know? Give them as much information as possible so they can get to know you (just make sure it’s relevant to the reason you are using the platform).

4. Write and display your name properly.

I really did not want to list this, but I had to. I see this the most on Google+. Names start with capital letters guys! My name is not mandy edwards, it’s Mandy Edwards. Lack of correct capitalization on your name shows nothing but unprofessionalism and laziness – to me at least. Don’t embarrass your English teacher.

5. Be active and post.

One of the points in using social media is to be active and engage. You do not need to post 4+ times each day, but do post! Whether it’s on your profile or in a community, be active – that is how valuable connections are made.

6. Do not post the same thing in 3 or more communities.

As a Google+ Community Moderator I see people want to join my group and when I go to their profiles they are posting the same thing into 3+ communities. All the time. Every time. Nothing scream spammer more than this. Feel free to post often, but do not copy and paste the same thing into every community.

7. Let people know you are on Google+!

Google+ has these cool badges you can embed on your website to let people know you are there. If they don’t know, how can they find you! Post your link on your other platforms and encourage people to circle you.

So, let me ask you – what do you do to avoid not being circled? If I’ve left off something, share with me below!

While you are at it, feel free to circle me 🙂  ME Marketing Services Google+ Page or my Google+ profile.


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