Well, it’s been 6 months.

Hello. Welcome back. Yes, we’re still here.


Silly I know, right?


We’ve done a bad job at consistently posting updated content on the blog after a great run of several years. Part of it is lack of time, part of it is lack of priority. But it’s been for good reasons.


Let’s catch everyone up… not that we had thousands of people reading this every week (LOL).


Life happened. Business happened. 2020 happened.


Like many others in the marketing, especially digital marketing, world, we were blessed in 2020. Being in the digital realm while everyone was at home for most of the year was an advantage. We saw more growth last year than we did the previous 2 years combined (and we grew both of those years as well) and 2021 looks to be even better. When people are staying home ALL the time or working remotely, guess what is being used more to keep in touch? Social media. And businesses knew if they had to get a message out, this was the avenue. Top it off with it being an election year, and BOOM, digital marketing had plenty to do.

Side note: I know a lot of businesses struggled last year, including a lot of friends’ businesses, so please do not misinterpret this for gloating. I saw friends have to take out loans to keep their employees paid, and some barely made it through. We did our best to help (pro bono) where we could.


So life happened too. My husband ran (unsuccessfully) for office in 2020. That’s another rant for another day, so we’re leaving it there. My oldest got COVID 10 days after school started (and as a result we spent my 40th birthday in family quarantine). Fortunately her symptoms were mild and she was fine 72 hours later. Of course the four of us did the quarantine/virtual school/work-from-home thing for 14 days. By the way – as of 2 weeks ago she still had the antibodies from when she had it in August.


To sum up personal life in 2020… pandemic, virtual school, work from home, lost an election, COVID in the house, turned 40, youngest child started middle school, oldest child turned 16 and got her license. And some very close friends experienced one of the worst tragedies a family could face towards the end of the year.


But my story is just one of millions. Everyone had their own experience with 2020. In the end, I think we will all be more resilient and stronger for it. Hopefully? Maybe?


So where were we? The neglected blog, yes. I write blog posts in my head all the time, they just do not make it anywhere else. I would like to make some grand promise that we’ll be posting X number of times each month, but I won’t do that. One takeaway from the past year for me has been creating something meaningful. If you’ve noticed, we’ve gone kind of dark on social media since the first of the year too. And that’s been on purpose. To take some time to see what content people¬†really want to see. Quotes, stats, marketing ideas, etc. are all great but I’m a people person and want to do more connecting and really getting to know people, and as such, post content that can start a conversation. Yes, I’ll resume my Monday Marketing Ideas and Marketing Fact Fridays and my favorite quotes at some point, but when I do, I want them to have solid content that people will want to engage with.


So, that’s what’s been up in our part of the web… how about you? How was your 2020? What will be your story?


Seriously, share with us!

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