5 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Content

5 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Content

If your grandmother used Bounty paper towels and your mama used Bounty paper towels, it’s highly probable that you are going to use Bounty paper towels. Why? It’s not about the product itself, rather more so about the heart connected to the issue. What do we call this in marketing? Personalization.


Personalization is the way in which we market to the hearts, as well as the heads of our public. Yes, we meet a need, but more so, we connect with consumer. How is this done? We must know what our public needs before they do. We must know how they think, what they need, their buying behavior and what keeps them up at night.


With the technology we have today, we can research in-depth about our public and be able to market directly to them. Highly personalized ads, posts, commercials, and other marketing material are how we reach our clients’ heart and, in turn, their wallet. If you go after the wallet, you get a one-time sale. If you go after the heart, you create a brand loyalty.


There are several ways in which you can personalize content for your public. Today we are going to look at five of the easiest ways to personalize your marketing content.

Data. Data. Data.

Everything we do in marketing is steeped in research. We must know our public better than they know themselves. How do we do this? Through data. This can be as simple as using Google Analytics for your website or as in-dept as quarterly focus groups with a segment of your public. Whatever method you choose, you just need to be inundated with your public. How can you market to them if you don’t even know them?


Personalized Emails

When an email blast goes out to thousands of people at one time, in marketing, we call this gorilla marketing. Either it hits you or it doesn’t. Most often, these emails go directly to spam or the trash. So, how do you get your public to read what you are sending them? You make it personal. Psychologists say that people love hearing/seeing their names in advertisements, emails, and commercials. So, what do we do? We use their name. We personalize. This can easily be done through both Constant Contact and MailChimp.


Personalized Sales

When dealing with the public, one word comes to mind above all else…value. We want our public to feel valued in all sales interactions. An easy way to do this is to focus on the consumer above all else. What are their needs? Their worries? The challenges they face? Going back to point one, we learn this through research. Good research leads to good conversation and most people don’t make major purchases without talking first. Treat your consumers like a person not a number.


Real Time Chats

In today’s world, anyone can read a webpage or talk to an automatize voice. What can set you apart in sales personalization? Live chats with consumer. Remember, we are looking to the heart not the wallet first. Through real time chats, you can focus on conversations and questions that lead to consumer retention. Brand loyalty. These real time conversations lead to better connections with you and your public, which in turn personalizes the experience to each consumer.


Immediate Responses

If social media has taught use anything it is that negative news/views travel twice as fast as the good ever could. Therefore, it is so important to respond promptly to consumers when they do have questions or complaints. We need to be prepared (through data collection and research) to anticipate any problems that our consumers may have or face. You can do this through a company support team or just being prompt in answering emails, phone calls and social media inquiries. The faster you communicate with your consumers, the less time they have to publish negative reviews.


So, all that to say, know your public. We can’t meet a need if we don’t know what our public is facing. Henry Ford was quoted as saying, “If I was to ask them, they would’ve asked for a faster horse.” Why give them what will meet one need when you can possibly meet multiple needs. Marketing is on a new trajectory, and it is leading straight to the heart of the consumer. Isn’t it time you get to the heart of the matter?

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