5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Festive

From mid-November to New Year’s Day can be an absolute blur. With parties, contests, decorations, shopping, baking and getting together with family and friends, it is easy to forsake your business. Yes, the fourth quarter can really make a business’ year financially, but here is one thing you should not skimp on right now: marketing.


1. Make your accounts festive!

You want your business/brand to be relevant, so that means “decorating” your website and/or social media accounts! Change out your Facebook cover photo to something Christmasy (if you celebrate that) or have your Twitter background be a field covered with snow. Show the world that you are ready for the holidays.


2. Post interactive, engaging content.

Ask questions each week, share favorite holiday memories. Connect with your market on an emotional level and get to know them.

3. Offer sneak peeks to build buzz.

Let your social media community get in on special deals and products early by offering sneak peeks via your social media channels before any ads run or before anything hits the floors in your store. This is one way to build buzz and interest before an event.


4. Offer something exclusive.

People like to have exclusivity. You do not have to do this to be successful, but sometimes this will help you convert those browsers into customers. It can something for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It could be a month-long discount on a product or service.

Idea: Along with free shipping or a free month of service, throw in a free sample or something totally unexpected to surprise your customer.


5. Mix it up with some traditional marketing.

The holiday season is one time of year you need to have a diversified marketing plan. Make sure to infuse your online holiday marketing plan with some aspects of traditional. Not all of your target audience will be online, so do not forget about those who may not be on social media or who may be using flip phones!

Idea: Visit your local businesses with some homemade cookies with your business card attached.


What ways do you make your holiday marketing festive? Not sure where to start? Contact us and let us help!


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