5 Reasons to Love Continuing Your Social Media Education

5 Reasons to Love Continuing Your Social Media Education

If you’ve been using media for as little as two weeks, you would know that things change. Fast. Social media is an ever-evolving machine that works to enhance the user experience. Businesses use it to market their business. Individuals use it to connect to others and their favorite businesses.

No matter what you use social media for, it’s important that you continually educate yourself on social media. With changes happening every week, you need to stay in the know. For your business, your marketing success depends on it. For your personal use, your privacy depends on it.

Continuing your social media education doesn’t mean you have to take courses at a college or university, it’s as simple as subscribing to blog posts from reputable sources. (Side note: I emphasize reputable because there are a lot of social media “experts” out there and you don’t want to follow someone who may be telling you wrong). Some easy ways to continue your social media education could include…

The how is easy but why should you continue your social media education is the real question. It does take time but if you are wanting to use social media right for your business or for your personal brand (yourself), you have to. Not keeping up with it puts you and your business at risk. Here are 5 reasons to love doing it…

  1. You will know the latest Terms of Service changes and not worry about doing something to have your account suspended.
  2. Knowing the latest trends and updates will allow you to educate others on them, positioning yourself as a credible resource for social media.
  3. You will be aware of any changes that may affect your strategy, i.e. advertising options, text limitations, etc.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to jump on any social media changes or new strategies before your competition does.
  5. It gives you the power to up your A game on social media making you a more advanced social media user.

Are you currently doing anything to continue learning about social media?  If so, please share!


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