5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas

5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas

Constantly brainstorming new ideas is probably one of the toughest parts of running any sort of social media or marketing campaign. You don’t want to feel like your social feeds are just recycling the same kinds of posts all the time — your followers are hungry for new content and marketers are expected to deliver new ideas on a regular basis.


Successful marketing needs to stay fresh to be effective. Stale marketing allows returning and potential new customers to become bored. Marketers need to stay relevant and engaged with their audience to keep them coming back.


Brands need to have multiple creative ideas in their back pocket to keep social media and marketing fresh. Here are a few creative, out of the box, marketing ideas to keep your brand exciting and interesting:


Create a Series:

A daily, weekly, or monthly series will give your brand a chance to interact with followers on a regular basis. You can do this by just creating a branded hashtag! Sprout Social does this with their Twitter hashtag, #SproutChat


Pull back the Social Media Curtain:

Authenticity of brands is constantly growing and social media is the best platform to nix the middleman and create a genuine trust  with your audience. Chick-Fil-A Statesboro has done this by featuring kids enjoying a new dish at the restaurant. 


Host an “Ask Me Anything:”

This is a creative opportunity to engage your followers while providing information at the same time. J.D. Greear did this on Twitter by creating video responses as well!


Conduct a Social Media Takeover:

Sometimes allowing new faces to enter your social feed is a good idea to create a little change. This can be anyone from an influencer to someone else within your company to add a fresh face. Entourage Clothing does this by giving employees access to Instagram Stories to showcase a few of their favorite new styles.


Share, Repin, Retweet, and Regram:

Let your followers do the talking by displaying their content about your brand on your feed. This shows your followers that you are a part of their conversation about your brand. TOMS regrams some of their customers wearing their products.


These are just a few of many ways you can spice up your marketing by implementing out of the box ideas. Sprout Social has a few more great ideas to keep your feed fresh as well, including creating memes! 


As you implement new ideas for marketing, keep in mind that you don’t need to change your entire brand — just adapt to the changes and trends around you. Keeping a stable and consistent brand is how people will know the identity of who your brand is.

Take Coca-Cola for example, this organization does an amazing job keeping their marketing fresh by introducing  new flavors, container designs, and ad campaigns. All of these changes, however, are centered around one specific thing — the Coca-Cola brand. 


Remember when Coca-Cola introduced New Coke? Customers did not like when the company tried to change the core Coca-Cola product that everyone knows and loves.


New, creative, out of the box marketing is essential to keeping your brand fresh and remembered among your audience. Keep your audience in mind and try out some of these ideas to see what your audience might like best!

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