4 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

Ask Mandy Q&A – 4 Ways to Use Twitter Lists

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Whether you are using social media for business or for personal use, there is a need for organization. Google Plus has circles. Facebook has Interest Lists. Pinterest has boards. Twitter has Twitter Lists.

There are many ways you can use Twitter Lists – it’s really the only way I can use the platform. That leads me to this week’s question…


How Can I Use Twitter Lists?


It doesn’t matter if you are following 100 or 10,000 people, using Twitter Lists will help you use the fast-moving platform. Here’s how –

1. You can segment who you are following.

Lists make it easy to know who you are following for what purpose. You can set up a list of your influencers so you don’t miss their tweets or you can set up a list for potential clients you are following to build that relationship. These lists can be public or private, so if it’s competition you’re following, the world doesn’t have to know.

2. You can organize who you really want to follow.

When you add someone onto a list, you will see all of their tweets. I know there are some people you follow just to follow or you followed back out of obligation. For example, I have a private list of people who I want to keep up with and never miss out on. People on this list are industry leaders, celebrities and friends. Another example – I have a client who’s a professional athlete. We have lists set up to follow his college teammates and pro teammates along with one for media outlet. Lists are a great way to keep up with the follows you love most.

3. You can use lists as a lead generation tool.

As I mentioned above, your lists can be public. If they are, other people can subscribe to them, meaning they can follow that list as well. This is a GREAT opportunity to generate leads. Here is one way you could do this – create a list of industry-related people who put out quality content. Share it with the message “Love my content? Subscribe to my _________ list & see who influences me!” As people subscribe, add THEM to a private list of people who appreciate obviously appreciate your work and start communicating with them. Build that relationship. Answer their questions. You’re generating a lead as you go.

4. You can keep up with people that you don’t necessarily want to follow.

Yes, that is right. You can add people to a list without actually following them. Until you hit Twitter’s magic number (which is around 2,000 followers), you have to watch your follower/following ratio. If it gets too out of whack, then Twitter will not let you follow anymore people until a certain number of people follow you back. This is a great way to follow people who you know will not follow you back. For example, celebrities. I would LOVE for Jimmy Fallon or Aaron Murray to follow me, but I know they won’t. There are on a list for me to keep up with but not actually follow.


You can get super creative with Twitter Lists. How are you using them?


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