4 Tips for 2014

target-tipsThe start of a new year is always optimistic. Everyone gets a clean slate, so to speak. You’ve looked at what didn’t work the previous year and are excited about what is coming up this year.

Social media, in some form, will always be here in our lives. It may look different in ten years, but it will still be around. Like all forms of traditional marketing, social marketing will evolve. We’ve already seen it in just the past few years! As we start off with a new year, let’s look at 4 tips you can take and use to have a successful year.


1. Have a mobile plan. As more and more people use their smartphones to access their social media, businesses will need to adapt.

Some ideas: have a mobile-ready website, create an app for your business or if you are using Facebook ads, run only News Feed ads.

2. Invest in social advertising. We all know about Facebook’s reach declining, but there are some great uses for social advertising, whether it be on Facebook or Twitter.

Some ideas: promote a Facebook post about a special event or sale you are having, sponsor a tweet about a new product or if you are recruiting, run a right-side LinkedIn ad.

3. Blog. Keeping content out there regularly from your website will not only help your SEO, but keep your name out there.

Some ideas: Write once each week about your industry, guest post on other websites or join a blogging community to learn more.

4. Branch out from Facebook. Yes, I realize Facebook has over 1 billion users, however not all of them are in your market. Now is the time to spread your wings and explore other platforms that your audience may be using.

Some ideas: Pin pictures and/or articles to Pinterest to reach female audience members, start tweeting or get active on Google Plus.

What are you planning on doing this year to help you achieve success? Hopefully you’ll take 1 or a few of these tips and make them work for you!

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