4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

How much time do you spend on Facebook?  or Twitter?  Maybe Pinterest?  If you are like me, you could sit down to post something to your business page and get lost in reading or looking at everyone else’s posts and the next thing you know it’s 2 hours later!  Is this happening during your business day?  Maybe at home if you are working from home?  Maybe you are not even on any of this for this exact reason?!?

There is a solution to this problem: a social media manager.

What is a social media manager?  A social media manager (SMM for short) is a person who actively posts and comments on your social media platforms.  Their job can range from just posting and replying to posting, replying and seeking friends/followers to handling everything exclusively.

Today I am giving you 4 reasons your business needs a social media manager

  • It is one person who is dedicated to expanding your brand online.
    • Your SMM will be the one who seeks out new followers and fans.  They market you online to their network and friends.  Your SMM will be your business’ cheerleader.
  • You will have someone to respond and engage with your customers/clients for you.
    • Around 85-90% of posts on business’ Facebook pages are not responded to.  Your SMM will respond to each post, tweet or Google+ share.  People want to be acknowledged.  With a SMM, they will be and a relationship will be built.  Social media is called SOCIAL media, right?
  • They take the think-work over for you.
    • Ahh, they work so you don’t have to think!  SMMs create exciting content that prompts response.  With some direction from the business owner or not, they will shoulder all the work for you.

and most importantly…

  • They free up your time to do what you love to do – run your business!
    • What business owner wouldn’t want more time to help run their business?  With a SMM, they do exactly that.  You won’t get stuck on Pinterest for 3 hours looking at home decor or recipes (oh come, you know you do!) while you’re suppose to be entering yesterday’s sales!

Does this sounds like a great deal or what?  The internet is crawling with social media managers, but I suggest you start locally and then branch out.  Look for someone with experience and has a good following on all the social platforms.  When investing money in a social media manager, you want to make sure they are qualified and are reputable.  Your business depends on it.



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