3 Programs to Effectively Manage Twitter

Have you ever found your Twitter account overwhelming?  I know I do!  With over 1,100 followers, when I open my management program(s) it looks like a chaotic mess!

But it doesn’t have to be.

I want to share with you 3 programs that will help you effectively manage your Twitter account.  Trust me, when you get done reading this and set everything up, you will feel like you control a small army!

When I started to really work my Twitter account (@memktgservices), I gained new followers so fast I could not keep up personally responding to each of them!  Then came the dilemma of how to organize all of them and read what each had to say.  Through trial and error and some suggestions from peers, I have spent the last 2 months trying out different programs.  I have my favorites now that I call “old reliable”, so let me introduce you to…


I love this program!  Buffer makes it so easy to share Twitter content.

With Buffer, you can load in all your Twitter profiles (if you manage more than one) and you can input your posts and it automatically posts for you at the optimum times.

Buffer also has extensions for your internet browser so while you are reading articles across the web, you can add them to your “Buffer” with the click of a button.

Buffer has a free and a paid option ($10/month).  I suggest you try it out!

Now let’s meet…

This is a favorite program of many.  Once you really start working your Twitter, you won’t have the time to personally tweet each new follower and tell them “thank you”.  You can use Social Oomph to tweet for you, analyze your followers and send them a direct message.  I use this for that last feature.  I am on the Social Oomph “Auto DM and Follow” plan.  This is a paid feature.  For $3.97 every  other week, Social Oomph sends my new followers 1 of 6 direct messages that I have set up and automatically follows everyone who follows me.

I can see you asking, “what if I don’t want to follow everyone back?”.  I don’t either.  I periodically go into Twitter and see who I am following and just unfollow those who I do not want to follow.  There will be a lot of spam out there, so you will need to do this weekly.

After you’ve set up your list and your direct messages to your new followers, you will need to meet…

Sprout Social. 


Sprout Social is my favorite program to use to manage my clients’ Twitter accounts.

There are different levels to Sprout based on what you need.  They give you a 30-day trial to try the program out.  The do not have a free option.

With Sprout, you can look at each account’s feed or you can use the smart inbox, which is what I do.  It’s one big feed with every new follower, message, reply and retweet.  It’s so nice to not have to go to each account to manage it.

You can also get reports on your account and their reports are the most detailed ones I’ve seen yet.

This program makes you feel like you are in control of a small army.  Having everything in front of you makes it easier to see who you need to reply to and any list activity.

I saved the best and most important feature of Sprout for last…scheduling.  Anyone who deals with a lot of tweeting knows you don’t want everything to go every.single.minute.  With the scheduling feature, you can schedule out posts for weeks, therefore taking the daily tweeting pressure off.  Once you schedule everything, your Twitter can go on auto-pilot and all you have to do is sit back, watch and respond!

Here is a bonus 4th program I cannot live without…


ManageFlitter is amazing!  You can see who is not following you, see if there are any fake accounts following you and search for new followers.  It’s unfollow option is great – you can see when someone last tweeted or when you followed them.

It’s a great program with both free and paid options.  I suggest you check it out.  You can click here to get started (this is my affiliate link – I love them so much I am doing affiliate marketing for them).

If you have a Twitter account, what is your favorite program to use to manage it?

Questions about Social Media and how to manage it more effectively?  Contact me and let’s talk!

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