10 Marketing Facts for Your Business Going Into 2016

10 Marketing Facts You Need to Know Going into 2016

Even though I hated math throughout my schooling, I love numbers. Mainly numbers relating to stats and analytics. As a subscriber to Advertising Age, I get their marketing fact/stat packs every year and they are full of great insights and numbers as you plan your upcoming marketing efforts.


As always, the stats are a little of what you would expect and a little bit of surprise. I’ve read through the packs pulled out 10 marketing facts/stats that I think you need to know as we get started into this year. I’ve included graphics for each one from my new “Marketing Fact Friday” series in the case you want to share it 🙂


10 Marketing Facts for Your Business Going Into 2016



  • The internet was the fastest-growing U.S ad medium in 2015 with 18.2% growth.

Marketing Fact Friday 1.8

  • Google was the biggest U.S. mobile ad seller in 2015 with $10 billion in mobile ad revenue.

Marketing Fact Friday

  • The top 3 digital marketing priorities for B2B this year will be: content marketing, social media marketing & branding & website.

 Marketing Fact Friday 1.22

  • 48% of B2Bs plan to increase their digital advertising & marketing this year. 

 Marketing Fact Friday 1.29

  • 45% of B2Bs plan to increase their content marketing this year.

 Marketing Fact Friday 2.5

  • 52% of B2B marketers are using print or other offline promotions.

 Marketing Fact Friday 2.12

  • Content marketing only accounts for 1-9% of a company’s’ total marketing budget. 

 Marketing Fact Friday 2.19

  • 63% of marketers see website traffic as the main source of measuring the impact of their content marketing efforts. Only 30% look at subscriber growth as a measurement of success.

 Marketing Fact Friday 2.26

  • The top social media channels B2B marketers are using for content marketing are (in order): LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. 

 Marketing Fact Friday 3.4

  • LinkedIn is rated the most effective social media platform for content marketing, followed by Twitter.

Marketing Fact Friday 3.11


A lot of these stats has to do with content marketing, really showing that that has become a main centerpiece of companies’ marketing plans. You do have to watch out for content shock which is becoming increasingly alarming.


Do any of these stats surprise you? Or were they in line with what you would expect to see?


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