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A few days ago, I asked for you guys to submit your social media questions.  Social Media and Social Media Marketing are both giants that can easily overwhelm anyone who is using and working with them.  It’s not that hard.  Once you work out an efficient method to the madness, it’s a breeze (easier said than done, right?).

So let’s get started…

What is Google+?

Google+ is the newest and hottest thing going on with social media.  Google is entering the world of social media networking and introduced Google+ in the last 18 months.  Google+ has some videos introducing it on their Youtube Channel:

This is something that is suppose to eat into the social media network marketshare in 2012.  Just an example of it’s growth, in the January 4, 2012 blog post on Social Media Examiner posted, “Google+ Increases Traffic by 55%: Experian Hitwise shares statistics for Google+ that show a significant increase in December 2011 compared to November 2011.”

Social Media Examiner posted a great article on Dec. 16, 2011 about Google+, “What Google+ Will Become a Social Media Powerhouse.”  It’s a great article and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

Now that you know about it, how do you set up a business page?  Follow these step-by-step instructions and you will be on your way.

Need an example?  Check out my Google+ profiles here:  Mandy Edwards (personal) or ME Marketing Services (business page).

Is Hootsuite going to integrate with Google+?

Yes!  Hootsuite is in the testing phase of integrating Google+ into their management program.  Right now it’s only open to their Enterprise clients.  There is no timeline set on when it will be opened up to everyone else.  This is something I personally am very excited about.  Right now, my Google+ accounts (personal and business) are the only accounts not linked up on Hootsuite.

What’s Twitter all about?

Tweet, Tweet!  I crack up when I say that.  Twitter is one of the social media juggernauts.  It’s a real-time status update platform.  To get it described exactly right, I went to the Twitter website.  They say, “Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.

At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. Each Tweet is 140 characters in length, but don’t let the small size fool you—you can share a lot with a little space. Connected to each Tweet is a rich details pane that provides additional information, deeper context and embedded media. You can tell your story within your Tweet, or you can think of a Tweet as the headline, and use the details pane to tell the rest with photos, videos and other media content.”

Twitter connects businesses to their customers in real-time. You can share information such as a fire sale, to their followers to help increase business.  Like any social media platform, the point is to engage your users.  Keep them informed.  Let them know you appreciate them.

I use Twitter, but am not as active as I should be.  My follower count is growing so I must be doing something on the right track.  If you want to follow me, click here!

Once you are set up on Twitter, you need to link that account up with your other social media accounts.  You can set up Twitter to post on Facebook.  You can use Hootsuite to keep up with posting across all of your accounts (see below for more information on Hootsuite).  Promote your Twitter account online and at your place of business and see you follower counts grow.  Just make sure you are active and tweeting at least once to a few times a day.  It’s very active!

What social media account management programs do you suggest?

There are many social media management programs, but to me, there’s only one – Sprout Social.  Their program allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and the reporting is by far one of the best I’ve seen.  You can take their 30-day trial to see you for yourself.

I can only do so much social media.  What ones should I focus on?

This is a very good question.  Having multiple social media accounts, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  To answer this, I would answer with…it depends on your business.  If you are a doctor, CPA, attorney or have a professional services business, I would steer clear from Twitter and stick with Facebook and Google+.  It would beneficial to have a profile set up on LinkedIn also.  I call LinkedIn the social resume.  If you are a restaurant or retail business, hey, even a car dealership, I would recommend Twitter or Facebook.  You want to look at your audience/target market. What age group are they?  Teens or College?  Moms or professionals?  Your audience dictates a lot of where you want to be.  For example, if you are in a college town and are a restaurant & bar, most if your audience is probably on Twitter and Facebook.  I would set up your posts to post to both and tweet out your Happy Hour or Lunch specials for that day.  Your followers will comment, share or retweet your specials, expanding your reach.  There are clothing boutiques where I live that will tweet out specials only available for that day for their followers or fans.  You can measure the respond of your efforts just by seeing who comes in.  I know I’ve mentioned it a couple times already, but I would first look at your target market and audience.  You want to be where they are.

How do you keep up with everything on social media and still have a business?

I ask myself this everyday!  It takes organization and efficiency to do it. Since my business is heavily into social media, I personally am on it all day, so it’s there.  If this is just a part of your business and you do all your social media stuff yourself, I would designate certain times to spend on it.  Maybe a little during lunch.  Maybe first thing in the morning when you get to work.  I subscribe to several social media newsletters that I can read when I get a few minutes either from my phone or my laptop.  That gives me my news and updates on what is going on in the social media world.  My personal favorites are Social Media Examiner and the Social Solutions Collective. In your account management, using a program like Hootsuite or Mediafeedia will help you keep your posts organized and prevent you from having to go to several different pages to post the same thing.

If you feeling overwhelmed with it all and finding you are not spending a lot of time focusing on your business, you can partner with a social media manager.  A social media manager can help make sure you are keeping your presence on the different social media networks while interacting and engaging your fans and followers.  This is a huge part of my business.  I manage close to a dozen pages and I see how having someone manage their social media frees time for the business owner to concentrate on their business.  This is a growing industry.  I personally see a lot of business owners who know they need to be on social media but simply do not have the time to do it.  That is where someone like me comes in.  It’s totally up to the business owner if they want to handle it themselves or have a social media manager.  Where I live, there are some who do a good job of handling it all – their business, their social media and their life.  But they are a minority.


I really enjoyed receiving all the questions and answering them.  If you are seeking help with your social media, I would love the opportunity to talk with you about how I can help.

Have a question I didn’t cover or read something that brought up another question?  Comment below and I will answer it!


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