Ever had a social media question that you just couldn’t find an answer to? Or maybe you had a question but didn’t know who to ask?

Now you have a place for that – the Ask Mandy Q&A blog series!

When I first started, I did a video Q&A series (which can still be seen on my YouTube Channel) however, time got the best of me when it came to making, editing and publishing videos. I REALLY love doing Q&A – it’s a great way to help people out so I have developed this Q&A blog series as a way to help you, my community, out!

How does this work??

First, submit your questions! No question is too dumb or too random. It does have to be on-topic, so don’t expect me to answer my favorite food (which is pizza, by the way ;)). You can submit a question 24/7/365 with the form below!

Next, look for an “Ask Mandy” post each week! I’m aiming for Tuesdays, but you know life can get in the way so if it’s Wednesday or Thursday, forgive me. The best way to keep up with these is to subscribe to my posts via my RSS feed. I will include these in my ME Marketing Social Media Update, but that only comes out twice a month.

It’s that easy!!

So, let’s get started…submit your question below!!


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